Menu (English)

Zaru soba 900 yen

The ‘orthodox’ soba dish.
A cold soba served on a woven bamboo tray with dipping sauce. Accompanying condiments are sliced Japanese leek, grated karami ( hot) daikon radish, and wasabi.

Oroshi soba 1,100 yen

A cold soba with dipping sauce accompanied with additional condiments of grated karami ( hot) daikon radish (no wasabi).
The radish is grown in Nagano prefecture, and features a refreshing umami flavour.

Tamago toji 1,300 yen

A cold soba served with hot dipping sauce including simmered eggs. This dish uses locally produced “Momiji eggs” by Kitasaka Chicken Farm.

Kamo seiro 1,500 yen

A cold soba served with hot dipping sauce containing chopped Japanese leek and sliced duck meat. The duck comes from Saitama prefecture. The combination of Japanese leek and duck is quite traditional, and especially goes very well with Japanese sake.

Inaka soba 900 yen

A thicker and dark colored soba noodle with a deeper flavour, made with a higher content of buckwheat hull.
Served with cold dipping sauce (similar to zaru soba).


Awaji Island
Japanese sake
”kazenomama” 800yen Miyakobijinshuzou
”jyunmaigenshu” 800yen Sennenichishuzou
”Red ale” 800yen Awaji Beer
Out of the island
Japanese sake
” shikisakura-kashin ” 800yen Utsunomiya shuzou
” Super Dry” 800yen
”Dry zero” 600yen


 ■Common ingredients

Soba: buckwheat, wheat flour
Dipping sauce: soy sauce, mirin, sugar, salt, white wine vinegar,
Dried bonito, smoked mackerel
(for tamago toji, kamo seiro soba),
konbu kelp, shiitake mushrooms

 ■ Individual dish ingredients

Zaru soba: Japanese leek, grated karami ( hot) daikon radish, wasabi
Oroshi soba: karami ( hot) daikon radish, Japanese leek
Tamago toji: egg, Japanese leek
Kamo seiro: duck, Japanese leek